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September 9 Woodland Park, CO – Pikes Peak Regional Hospital (PPRH) announced today the opening of an inpatient Sleep Study Center on the hospital campus, 16420 W. Highway 24, Woodland Park. The center offers patients, both adults and children, comprehensive diagnostic testing for chronic sleep disorders specifically designed to help restore restful sleep and allow patients to resume a normal lifestyle.

“Our goal is to provide patients a personalized approach to diagnosing and then treatment options for their sleep conditions,” said Rodney Bice, Chief Nursing Officer at PPRH. “We want to help diagnose the disorder so patients can return to a productive lifestyle and avoid further health complications which can result from interrupted sleep patterns.”

Bice said the new center will put more focus on high altitude sleep disorders.

“Living at high altitude, especially above 8,000 feet, people tend to experience greater difficulty getting proper sleep,” he said. And those who currently suffer with sleep disorders may experience abnormally low levels of oxygen and as a result, experience higher severity of symptoms.”
Nationally, an estimated 40 million Americans annually suffer from chronic, long-term sleep disorders. Health issues resulting from improper sleep can include serious conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Many are unaware, undiagnosed or unconcerned about the serious health consequences. Fortunately most sleep disorders are readily treatable once they are diagnosed.
The Sleep Center at PPRH can diagnose a broad spectrum of sleep disorders including sleep apnea, narcolepsy and parasomnias such as night seizures, sleep talking and sleep walking. The new center will allow patients to complete their entire sleep evaluation within 6-8 hours. Patients will check in for monitoring overnight and leave early the next day.

The center is located in a convenient yet private area of the hospital so very few if any distractions will prevent patients from getting a restful night’s sleep while they are being monitored. The two sleep study rooms will be monitored from one central location, where technicians can monitor patients simultaneously.

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