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Dexa Bone Scan

Bone Density Scanning For Osteoporosis

Pikes Peak Regional Hospital now offers Bone Density Scans as a part of its advanced imaging services program. Bone density scanning is most often used for the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

Having this advanced bone density technology allows the hospital to easily and more accurately diagnose bone density loss especially for patients who might have an increased risk of developing osteoporosis. With this technology, the hospital can detect bone loss in the earliest stages at a point where treatment can be more successful.

Osteoporosis is often called the “silent disease,” because it doesn’t produce symptoms until a fracture occurs. The bones most likely to break are the hip, spine, and forearm. One in two women and one in four men are at risk for fracture or has at least one spinal fracture and don’t know it. In fact, a woman’s risk of hip fracture alone—the most painful and debilitating of osteoporotic fractures—equals her combined risk of developing breast, uterine or ovarian cancer.

An additional capability, Instant Vertebral Assessment (IVA), a 10-second, low-dose x-ray scan of the entire spine, allows doctors to see existing vertebral fractures, which may indicate the need for more aggressive treatment, even if bone density results are in the “normal range.”

IVA may be performed in conjunction with the bone density test, during the same appointment and the results are immediately available for physician review. This way the physician can provide a more thorough assessment of bone health, quickly and conveniently.

The results of untreated osteoporosis may be loss of independence, pain, disability or even death. The scan is done on an outpatient basis, takes only minutes, and is non-invasive. In addition, this technology can calculate a patients’ Body Mass Index or BMI.

Osteoporosis Risk Factors

  • Increase if Female
  • Light Skinned
  • Thin or Small Framed
  • Approaching or Past Menopause
  • Milk Intolerant or Have a Low Calcium Intake
  • Cigarette Smoker
  • Excessive Alcohol Intake
  • Taking Thyroid Medication or Steroid-based Drugs for Asthma, Arthritis, or Cancer

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging

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