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Transition Care

What is Transition Care?

The Transition Care program at Pikes Peak Regional Hospital (PPRH) allows patients to move their level of care from “acute” to “skilled rehabilitation” but remain in a hospital setting.

Transition Care is an extended care option for individuals who have recovered from an illness or injury and no longer need to be in an acute hospital setting, but are not yet able to care for themselves at home.

We extend every effort to make patients feel at home during their stay. Patients can wear their own comfortable clothes and are encouraged to personalize their rooms with photos or other mementos.

The skilled and compassionate Transition Care team works with patients and their families to create individualized treatment plans based on each patient’s needs. The goal is to help patients heal and gain strength, so they can regain their independence and return home.

The multi-discipline Transition Care team provides support and education to help patients throughout their rehabilitation and recovery. When they’re not receiving therapy or treatment, patients can relax, visit with friends and family, or participate in games or activities with other patients.

Each patient’s care is unique to their situation and treatment plan. As such, to aid in patient’s recovery, the Transition Care team consists of professionals from a variety of clinical areas including:

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Dietary and Education
  • Wound Care
  • Activities
  • Nursing

Who may benefit from the Transition Care Program?

People who are recovering and need extended care or rehabilitation may benefit from the program. These include individuals who are:

  • Recovering from joint replacements or other types of surgery.
  • Recovery from stroke, cardiac or respiratory illnesses, or other medical conditions.
  • Have wounds that need long-term IV antibiotic therapy or that can’t be treated at home or in an outpatient setting.

Why choose Pikes Peak Regional Hospital Transition Care program?

  • Personalized nursing care
  • Individualized treatment delivered by a team of skilled professionals
  • Quiet setting to help you heal
  • Convenient location in Teller County
  • Altitude re-acclimation

Who qualifies?

In order for Medicare to pay for the Transition Care program, specific qualifying medical criteria must be met. Following a hospital stay of at least three days, and individual must require either skilled nursing or skilled therapy services on a daily basis.

What does Medicare cover?

Transition Care is covered under Medicare skilled nursing facility (nursing home) benefit. Medicare will cover up to twenty (20) days in full and up to one hundred (100) days with a co-payment as long as Medicare criteria are met. Medicare supplements will usually pay the deductible as long as Medicare continues coverage. Other medical insurance may cover the Transition Care program or a patient may pay with private funds.

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